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 Handy hints and tips

- While salting fish it is better to use coarse salt (is sea salt is ideally) then fish will not be too salty.
- If you use white pepper while cooking - take white pepper in corns and crush it with some sugar and salt in a pounder. It will be much more fragrant
- While frying fish with breading use special breading mix: 2/3 of dried breadcrumbs, 1/3 of ground almonds – it will be more delicious.
- Are not you tired of traditionally dressed herring (herring under fur coat)? Do you want anything new and tasty? Try to replace herring with salmon in the habitual recipe – surprise your guests and yourself.
- Fish will not be burnt on a frying pan if you add a pinch of salt into the oil.
- Fish pieces will not fall to pieces while frying if you salt them 10-15 minutes before frying.
- Fish broth in the beginning of cooking.
- Do not cook broth of bream, carp, roach, crucian and navaga heads - it bitters.
- Cook fish on slack fire. The fish cooked on heavy fire becomes hard, and broth becomes turbid
- To get rid of a strong specific fish smell, add some milk into a pan as North people often do. The smell will disappear, and fish becomes gentle and tasty.
- Wipe knifes with salt or vegetable oil to get rid of fish smell.