On the 7th and 8th of March 2015 in one of the fish markets of «Don Mare» chain in the shop  «Ocean of Taste» at the address: Kyiv, 16-B Heroiv Stalingradu Avenue, there was held a grill-holiday devoted to International Women’s Day! For the time of celebration more than 1000 people visited the shop. The program host didn’t let the guests get bored even for a minute. Interesting fish contests and quizzes were held.

   The zest of the event was degustation of grilled fish dishes. On the menu there was salmon, seabream, seabass, prawns, mackerel and other fish species. An exclusive treatment for the visitors became sandwiches with matias on grilled brown break. Everything was very tasty, rich and what is the most important - healthy!

  The main surprise and a pleasant end of the event was a draw of 10 super prizes! 10 pairs became happy owners of a festive dinner with an addition of a signature recipe from the chef. The guests remained very pleased and will remember this holiday for a long time! And they will again please us with their visit and themselves with nice purchases!