June 4, 2016, to celebrate the company’s «UFC» 20th anniversary, a grand celebration was arranged which was dedicated to the International Children's Day. At the opening of XXI summer football tournament for prizes of FC "Mriya", was held II Proflesh competition among educational institutions of the city Kupyansk, Kharkiv region. At the celebration of sport, peace and friendship, which was held at the stadium "Metallurg", there were no empty seats. Present at the event with their entire families.

Along with the traditional parade-representation of young football teams, «UFC» allows students and kindergarten kids to express themselves in a talent contest in the tournament and get a solid prize. We are confident that the memories of the football tournament will remain in the memory of its visitors and participants for a long time!

Reference: football club "Mriya" was created in 2000. Since 2003, the club's general sponsor is the company «UFC», honorary president of the club - Oleg Lushchyk. Thanks to substantial financial support from the general sponsor of FC "Mriya" develop youth football at a high professional level. More than 200 boys hone their skills under the guidance of talented coaches who skillfully instill in them a love for football, discipline and team play.

 Grand Shildre's Party