The brand department of the DonMare chain was opened at the Karavan Shopping Mall in Luhova street, 12, Kyiv.  The supermarket offers a significant part of the unique products of the chain which includes over one thousand items.  In the first place, consumers may appreciate cooled fish for which DonMare is the leader in Ukraine. In addition to river water tanks, the sea water tanks with oysters and lobsters have been installed at Karavan. There is a caviar table with 8 types of caviar, which sells not in cans like at the most fish shops, but in bulk.

A zest of the Karavan DonMare fish department is a sushi chef who can cook any - even the most sophisticated - order in front of the customers. In addition to helping you choose your fish, professional shop consultants will help you clean, cut, fillet it as you wish.

According to DonMare chain manager Anastasia Lushchik, all possible promos, tastings and contests are planned to be held weekly at the new fish department in Luhova st., thanks to which the Kievites can find out more about the fish wealth of the planet and learn the recipes of fish dishes from various countries. The first promo was held at the opening of the fish department at Karavan: its participants were given 30 cans of red caviar and two cooled salmons weighing 8 kg each for free. They were also able to participate in a master class by the DonMare chef on making sushi with eel and salmon. And it's just a start!

"We seek to be closer to our clients, so they are not tied to one or two points of sale of our products, - Anastasia Lushchik says. – Thus, we plan to open another five fish departments at the Karavans of Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipro by the mid next year."

Information: The DonMare chain includes 15 brand shops and 2 fish departments – at the capital's supermarkets Karavan and Magellan. The products of DonMare comprise over 1000 items. The chain is managed by the Universal Fish Company (UFC), which has own production in Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, and imports fish from 23 countries of the world. The company employs over 500 persons.