UFC is beginning to introduce Ukrainians to the unique types of fish from the company product range.The tasting sessions of the Arctic Char– the true delicacyfor the lovers of fish and seafood – were held on September 2-3.

Arctic Charis a European species of salmon fish. It lives in the deep, clean and cold waters. It is grown in special farms in Iceland - one of the most environmentally friendlyparts of the world. The name of the fish comes from the fact that unlike other salmons, it has very fine scale, which gives it an appearance of having none at all.The Arctic Char’scolor is unique: it has a dark blue back with lights spots on the sides.

Due to high content of vitaminsА, D, Eand B12, as well as unsaturated fatty acidsOmega-3 andOmega-6,dishes made of Arctic Char are often recommended by nutritionists to their clients. You can get a buying advice and a recipe for cooking the tastiest Arctic Charon September 9-10, as well as on 16-17 September at the following locations:


•16-B, HeroevStalingradaave.


• 15, S. Bandery (Moskovsky)ave.

• 6, Berkovetskayast.

• 1-B, HnataHotkevicha (Krasnogvardeyskaya)st.


• 12, Luhovast.


• 13, Hlushkovaave.


• 1, Hostomelska square

• 4d, V. Lobanivskogo(Krasnozvezdniy) ave.

• 8, N. Bazhanaave.

• 7g, Zdolbunovskast.

• Borispol, 2/6, KievskiyShlyakh.