ТМ Norven presents a unique novelty from the Scandinavian countries – Gravlax. It is a fish dish from the cold snacks category, which is extremely popular in the Northern European countries: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark. Since the beginning of time, the people of those countries have been fishing and improving theirfish recipes.

Gravlax derives from the word grabą, which means “digging”. In the past, the Scandinavian fishermen rubbed freshly caught salmon with spices and then dug it into the coastal sand above the tide line. These days, fish is no longer dug, but the old recipes remain the same.

Today, the modern cooking process for Gravlax has been slightly improved: modern equipment, own laboratory, high operations standards allow to create an exclusive product. The special feature of Gravlax prepared by ТМ Norven is beetroot in the original marinade which gives salmon a special taste and saturated color.Due to a balanced combination of salt, sugar, dill, grains of mustard, the flesh of salmon becomes spicy, tender and literally melts in your mouth.Gravlax by ТМ Norven is a taste of the old Norway traditions.

Gravlax by ТМ Norven sells in a vacuum 120g pack that contains the most tender pieces of salmon. The benefits of red fish by ТМ Norven are the selected ecologically cleanraw fish originating from Norway, as well as a high quality production technology that ensures preservation of all natural vitamins and minerals contained in fish.