TM Norven has delivered to the market an absolutely unique delicacy– the sockeye salmon caught in the nature. It is also called WILD SALMON. It should be noted that this is the first time the sockeye salmon is imported to Ukraine and is marketed on an exclusivity basis.

Wild salmon from TM Norven is both tasty and healthy. Due to its low calories, it is recommended for dietetic nutrition(100 grams of wild salmon contain about 157 calories).

By its taste, texture and color, the filet of wild salmon is unrivaled against any other red fish, and its life in the nature plays a big role in this. As the fish lives free in the natural environment, its meat is full of vitamins and microelements balanced by the nature and is a perfect fit for a healthy nutrition. It is this quality as well as primeval taste that drive a great demand for wild salmon on the fish market today.

Ukrainian consumers will be able to try a unique novelty as early as in October 2016.