Social responsibility

Universal Fish Company is one of the most progressive and dynamically developing companies of Ukraine. We consider that our duty is to play a positive role in society and to take an active social position.Our company brings the powerful contribution into the future of our society – in development of children's sports. UFC is a general sponsor of  football club "Mriya"
Football club “Mriya” was formed in 2000 in Kupyansk.  Since 2003 UFC group of companies has become its general sponsor and the President has been Oleg Dmitrievich Lushchyk who is now as the Chairman of the Board of TOV “Universal Fish Company”. UFC takes an active social position and makes a considerable contribution into our society’s future – into development of child sports.

Just since 2003 thanks to UFC group of companies decent financing of the club has begun that has led it to its current high results.  Strong coaching staff has been formed, every year juvenile football players join the teams; uniforms, balls and other necessary equipment are bought.

The club’s slogan is "Our team is the best dream!"And this is really so. The football club gives children a possibility to realize their dream to become real professionals, the pride of the town, of the region, of the country!

 Football club Mriya

At present there are 11 teams of different age categories, from 7 to 17 years old, playing in the club. About 200 boys hone their skills under command of talented coachers who proficiently cultivate their love to football, discipline and team play. FC "Mriya" teams have loudly announced themselves with victories in many major tournaments - both Ukrainian and international ones. Juvenile football players had a possibility to demonstrate their high excellence by playing a number of games in England and Germany. FC "Mriya" is a permanent participant of championship of children’s and youth Football League of Ukraine, the team takes part in Ukrainian national competitions for the prizes of the club called “Leather Ball”. Besides, many alumni of our club play in the teams of the most famous football clubs of Ukraine.

A special tradition of the football club is International Football Tournament among children and juveniles devoted to Children’s Day which is held in Kupyansk every year. This tournament is reserved in the official calendar of children’s tournaments of Ukraine, teams from all over Ukraine come to this tournament. On the opening day of the tournament with UFC support a real holiday is organized – children’s creative groups and specially invited guests perform. Annually more than 100 teams, which is about 2000 people, take part in the tournament. In total the holiday gathers up to 3000 participants and spectators.    

Football club Mriya

With the support of UFC group of companies on the territory of the physical training and health complex in Kovsharovka there was built a football field with unique artificial turf which is one of the best in Ukraine

 We believe in what we do and we do everything in order to make the dreams of the boys come true! FC “Mriya” and “Universal Fish Company” will grow and develop further because we are aimed at the result.  The task of the club is joy in children’s eyes, possibility to realize kids’ dreams – to become professionals of big football.

Tomorrow is with us, "Our team is the best dream!"