Today Universal Fish Company has the largest fish processing plant in Ukraine. Modern and fully equiped production enables us to produce high quality goods.


Our current production operation consists of 6 specialized departments such as:

  • smoked fish department
  • salted fish department
  • salmon fishes processing department
  • preserves department
  • caviar department
  • frozen fish and semi-finished fish products department

More than 1,000 tons of fish products are processed at our plants each month.


We always develop and improve our production facilities. Annually we make considerable investments into updating and expansion of our production facilities. We are absolutely assured these investments will be repaid and will lead to recognition of high quality of our products.


{tab Quality control}

Quality control of imported raw materials

UFC operates a quality system that begins with the quality control of incoming raw materials.
Quality control of incoming raw materials begins when the ship arrives to the seaport.

Main principle of our Company is to produce goods of the highest grade. To achieve this purpose we created a special department – "Production quality control department". There is a long quality control chain:

  • incoming raw material control
  • technological processes control
  • production quality control
  • storage conditions control
  • delivery conditions control

This approach to production process has been keeping us among the leading Ukrainian fish producers for many years!

In every seaport works our laboratory with modern equipment. All samples of fish and seafood studies for all physico-chemical and microbiological parameters. After all studies fiiling up the card of incoming raw materials with complete description of organoleptic characteristics, type of packaging, cutting type, weight characteristics, labelling. Also controlling availability and compliance of all accompanying documents.
Fish or seafoods, which does not meet the requirements at least one of the indicators, doesn’t allowed for producing of products.

{tab Delicious fish}

Department of delicious fish

Production of delicious fish - a priority for our company.

Now Universal Fish Company has own the best plants for processing salmon in Ukraine, equipped with modern equipment fromleading world manufacturers, such as MAREL (Denmark), FOMACK (Denmark), SALMKO (Germany), HENKELMAN (Holland).

In the department is established the next equipment:

  • Filleting equipment
  • Portion servers
  • The line for removing intermuscular bones
  • Slicer. It allows cutting fish for sampling angle
  • Vacuum -packing machine
  • Skinning Machines

In 2011 a new department of cutting and filling of delicious fish an area of 1500 m2 with new equipment and air conditioning system was commissioned. Also for existing equipment was installed additional washers to wash carcasses and fillet of salmon.

Department of delicious fish

{tab Preserves}

Preserves department

Preserves department - one of the first production departmentsof our company, it has one of the largest capacities of productivity.

We permanently updating and completing this department with the new equpment.More than thatwe employingthe mostqualified and experiencedtechnicians who carefully tracing quality of  preserves and developing new tastes.

The equipment of this department is:

  • Automaticline fordefrostingherring
  • Automated line forskinningand cuttingherring
  • Machinefor sealingjars

Preserves department

{tab Caviar}

Caviar department

To produce such a delicate product as red caviar, our company has equipped a special caviar department, which is the most modern and fully equipped in the Ukraine.

Our company is closely monitoring the technological process of production of caviar, because quality of finished product for us - one of the main! We minimize human contact with the product, use quality of certified container - only specialized tin and glass food.

During 2011 was bought special bottling vacuum equipment for closing cans.

For our finished products – first class red caviar, "Ukrainian Fish Company" uses the highest quality caviar supplied world market leaders. Therefore, each berry has a homogeneous colour, same size and strong grain. Our red caviar has a pleasant aroma and a perfect natural taste.

Caviar department

{tab Hot and cold smoking fish}

Department of hot and cold smoking fish

Department of cold and hot smoking fish was placed in operation in 1997г. For last years this department considerably increased, extended, was completely renovated and modernized.

Today smoking department equipped with modern thermal cameras with recurrence to 4 cycles per day, a new brine compartmentwas commissioned, a hall of packing of finished goods is placed in operation, refrigerator for chilling of finished products was reconstructed. Floor spaces of department are equipped with exhaust ventilation with the regulated parameters of air temperature. Also there is in addition equipped with ultra-violet sterilizers. For smoking our company uses only natural, non-polluting, specially prepared sawdust of solid and fruit trees (wood alder, cherry, sweet cherry and a walnut).

This treatment makes the fish tender and juicy, with a delicious meat. Smoking by natural sawdust gives to finished goods delicate aroma and appetizing golden color.

The range of more than 20 types of smoked fish and for each species method and technology of smoking, time and temperature is carefully selected. This gives us the right to consider themselves a leader in Ukrainian market of smoked fish.

Department of hot and cold smoking fish

{tab Semi-finished products}

DEPARTMENT of frozen fish packing and fish semi-finished products production

It is the youngest department in the company. So far, it consists of 3 lines:

  • Headed, gutted tail-off fish processing
  • steaks cutting
  • semi-finished products production

Department for freezing products became operational in 2011 but despite its juvenile age it already has its well-worn achievements. In the program «Quality Mark» headed, gutted, tail-off hake received well-deserved first place.

Today the workshop produces both weight and packed products under ТМ «NORVEN» and «FISHLAND». The modernist equipment and high technologies, which allow to save all health properties of a product, are used in the department. Success secret is in the professionals which the company attracts from all over Ukraine.

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