With the support of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, Universal Fish Company organized a master class at the culinary school of Héctor Ismael Jiménez-Bravo.

The event was dedicated to the art of cooking and serving fish and seafood from a unique region - Alaska.

The chefs of the leading Ukrainian restaurants were among the guests.

The master class was conducted by Artem Loskutov, a talented chef, the teacher of Hector J. Bravo Culinary & Pastry Arts Academy. He skilfully demonstrated how to work with delicious Alaskan fish and created truly first-class dishes such as tar-tar of Sockeye Salmon and Chum Salmon caviar, Black Cod with mushrooms under dill sauce, Alaska Pollock risotto.

The guests were also able to taste first-class dishes in addition to gaining theoretical knowledge about the technologies for preparing each fish species. The saturated colour of Sockeye Salmon and the intense taste of premium Chum Salmon caviar were to the liking of all attendees. Gourmets noted especially the soft, layered white meat of the Black Cod. Alaska Pollock has got special attention from cooks, as it is easy to prepare and has a refined taste. Fish from Alaska means the highest quality and unrivalled taste.

At the end of the event, the guests were surprised by the ceremonial presentation of corporate gifts from the organizing company - Universal Fish Company and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.