TM Master Fish presents a new products in the hot smoking category – Salmon bellies and Salmon meat.

Fish is definitely the best snack for beer! Salmon bellies - the juicy flesh of the abdominal part of the fish acquires a rich taste and the smell of smoked fish.

Another novelty in the hot smoking category - Salmon meat from TM Master Fish.

The fillet of salmon is used for the production of this most delicious product. Tender, soft hot smoked salmon meat will be an excellent solution for those who have no time for cooking. 

Only fish with tender flesh are used for smoking. Fish is smoked on natural sawdust of solid and fruit tree species.
Hot smoked fish is distinguished by a unique fat composition and a high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio for the human body, which makes salmon bellies not only a tasty but also a good treat.

Hot smoked Salmon bellies and Salmon meat from TM Master Fish are available in a 200 g thermoforming.