Sprats a la Danish from TM Master Fish.

To understand the specifics of cooking sprats according to the Danish recipe, it is necessary to make a brief digression into history.
The smoking method dates back to ancient times, when the developing humankind perfected their cooking using fire and smoke.

As the humankind evolved, a simple cooking became art with smoked fish becoming a favourite treat for the sea-side countries.
Washed by the North and Baltic Seas, Denmark has become one of the countries where sprat is seen as the most important commercial fish.
In the Viking Age, people started smoking fish on sawdust of various tree species to give a special flavour to the fish. Danes were not the only ones who came to love that specific way of cooking and soon it spread to the neighbouring countries, and later across the post-Soviet space.

Today, it is difficult to imagine New Year's holidays without traditional sprats. However, the delicious product deserves to be on our tables any other day. Tasty sandwiches with sprats and fresh herbs will give you a nice feeling of fullness and a pleasant aftertaste.

Sprats a la Danish from TM Master Fish are available in a 150 gram thermoforming.