TM «Norven» launches new products in the "Salmon caviar" category.

The consumer expectations for the quality and taste of caviar are quite high, because caviar belongs to delicacies, so no one can call such a product cheap. Being aware of the responsibility and guided by the desire to offer the best product, we have started preparing salmon caviar.

Working together with our Japanese colleagues, we have managed to achieve the highest standards in the selection of caviar. The cooperation with Danish partners made it possible to improve the salting technology, so TM «Norven» caviar is distinguished by an exclusively delicate, low salt taste.

The history of red caviar goes back to the time of the reign of kings, which we can still observe in the traditional design of caviar packing. However, we decided to move away from the standard design, drawing inspiration from the Norwegian fjords since «Norven» is the brand with the Nordic character.

The austere lines of the glass jar demonstrate the Norwegian reserve. The contours of the mountain peaks with a light glow symbolize the purity of the product and emphasize the highest quality of caviar.

We have declared both to Ukraine and the world that «Norven» products are of the highest quality and exceptional taste and proved this once again through this new product.

TM «Norven» salmon caviar is represented by the following items:

Keta caviar - 110 g and 200 g glass jars

Trout caviar - 110 g and 210 g in glass jar

Trout caviar - 120 g in a tin can